I suppose we could talk about how we like things clean and simple — about how we keep a light inventory, and about how that's okay with us.
We could even wax pontifical about how we aim to make each garment stand the test of time or tide, and weather every storm in its course, and so forth.
 But what do we believe in — like, truly hold dear?

Well, we believe in the sea,

The mast, the sail, the crash of waves on the bow,

The hush on the deep, the buzz at port,

High times, good hooch, and the perfect getaway.

We believe in seeing the world, and in seeing it in style.

We believe that critter pants and patchwork madras ought to be outlawed, along with distressed jeans, heraldry, and hair gel.

We believe that oversized logos overcompensate for something; we believe that the brand ought to be evident in the garment itself, regardless of the logo’s size or species.

We believe “short shorts” to be redundant, and that anything past the knee ought not stop until it reaches the ankle; we believe that the end of the cargo short is on the horizon.

We believe in a balanced life, in transcending trends instead of setting them, and we believe in solid, quality gear that lasts a lifetime — with proper rotation, of course.

We guarantee our garments to be free from bleaching, whiskering, weathering, aging, or stressing of any kind; if every blemish tells a story, let it be your own.

We look forward to making the journey with you — all the way, sailor.